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Books I've read on my kindle (so far) this year

As a kid I could easily read ten chapter books a week. Now a days it’s a struggle to find books that hold my attention from beginning to end. Today I have no shame in reading a book halfway, getting bored, or angry with the character development, or lack of it and skipping all the way to the last chapter to see how the story ends. One childhood habit that has never changed though, is my need to bring a book with my everywhere I go.

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Wandering the trails of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

At first the day started off well. I woke up at 5 am, dressed, ate breakfast, and everything was great until I stepped outside my front door. I looked up and the sky was covered in large gray puffy clouds that looked like they would burst any second. Monsoon season was just around the corner and I didn’t want to get stuck driving in heavy rain.

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