Notes from July

July in review

a quiet month full of creative experiments and art lessons


July has gone by so fast! I’ve gotten really into pattern design, and have been taking classes on digitizing hand drawn elements and turning them into digital patterns on Photoshop. They are so much fun to make, and I don’t know why I took me so long to start turning my doodles into patterns. I can envision how they can be incorporated into WUM. Next month I’ll tackle pattern creation using Illustrator. I also want to try making 100% hand drawn repeat seamless patterns.

In July I worked on journal entries I’m actually proud of and I like to go back and look at the design of some of my favorites. I’m so glad I decided to add more photos to each post. I can already see what can be done differently, however I’m proud of how this tiny space is slowly transforming, and I’m excited to keep playing around with the layouts, photos, and art that will be incorporated into future journal entries.

wanting: to start and finish the art for a post coming up

needing: to buy a new memory stick

waiting: for my vacation at the end of August

reading: The Iron Dragon’s Mother by Michael Swanwick

listening: Juice by Lizzo

making: tomorrow I plan on making a yellow cake with chocolate frosting

resting: my eyes, they’ve been hurting a lot lately

eating: homemade spaghetti

learning: how to properly use gouache paints

working: on a new pieces for my portfolio

finishing: another painting lesson

figuring out: how to incorporate self portraits into this space.

hoping: to be brave enough to put my face in this space. (can’t stay in hiding forever)

classes: beginner gouache and pattern making classes on Skillshare

painting: really awful, but adorable gouache flowers and leaves

illustrating: elements for a future journal entry

sketchbook: full of flowers, abstract patterns, poorly drawn faces, and lots of progress that I’m proud of

digitizing: a hand-drawn bowl for a simple repeat pattern

planning: my Instagram feed (I love planning, but hate posting, does anyone else feel that way?)

wishlist: Windsor & Newton watercolor tube in Mars Black

What have you been up to lately?