my favorite finds in beauty and art supplies this summer


Hey! How’s life, how have you been?

August is here, most of 2019 is gone, and summer is coming to an end. For me it was a slow summer full of work, day trips, hikes, and finding the courage to add my art experiments to this space. But I did find some beauty and art supplies I’d really like to share with you.




I noticed that the crown and temples of my hairline didn’t hold a coil as well as the rest of my hair when in a wash and go. I was also having trouble keeping moisture in my hair once a style was set, and using the Camille Rose Natural twisting butter to refresh my hair, just made my hair feel heavy. A couple months ago I picked up the Camille Rose Natural Moisture Milk, and it helped solve the problems I was having with defining certain sections of coils, and refreshing styles. This products leaves my hair very soft and since it’s a cream instead of spray on leave in conditioner I can see exactly where I’m placing the product. I use this product as a prestyler and moisturizer for twists, twist outs, wash and gos, and I also use the moisture milk as a refresher and to seal in moisture after spritzing my hair with water.



As a kid I kept a bottle of hot pink wet’n wild nail polish in my purse. I don’t know why I felt the need to keep it there, but it was one of my favorite nail polish colors as a child. Over the years I’ve searched high and low for a similar shade to the one I loved, and Revlon 723 Electric is the closest match I’ve found. Painting the color on my nails reminds me of days spent playing at the park, bike racing, Lisa Frank school supplies, choker necklaces, and wearing a ring on every single finger.

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WINDSOR & NEWTON | Watercolor Paints

Back in July I noticed that my watercolor paintings weren’t progressing, and I wasn’t able to use the techniques necessary to create the work I had in mind. That’s when I realized there was a HUGE gap in my basic watercolor knowledge so I picked up a book on beginner watercolor painting and some new paints to play with. The Windsor & Newton brand paints have been a lot of fun to experiment with. They mix really well, and have a strong color without having to do layer after layer after layer of paint.


CANSON XL | Watercolor paper (11x15in 140lb 300g)

Less of a find and more of a rediscovery. I found this paper book at the bottom of my watercolor supply drawer. I remember purchasing it last summer, but I ended up never using it because it was so large, and I was too intimidated to make artwork the size of the paper. Today I use the paper as a type of loose water color sketchbook for ideas, textures, and pattern elements. The size of the notebook originally intimidated me has been great because it allows me to explore multiple ideas without having to use several pages, like I would with my usual watercolor sketchbook.