20 Self care ideas for hard days

Ingredients for a blueberry sweet potato salad

Ingredients for a blueberry sweet potato salad


Self care doesn’t have to be hard or involve a lot of steps, especially on the days where you just. can’t. deal. Here’a s list of 20 small things you can try on difficult days.

1. make your bed

For me making the bed is the easiest way to get a “win” for the day, and is usually the gateway for finding the energy to get other simple tasks done.

2. take a nap

Sometimes you just need a nap. To keep myself from sleeping too long I’ll set a timer for 20-30 minutes. Then I just lay there on the bed, couch, wherever is most comfortable. Even if sleep doesn’t come, taking that time to unplug and do nothing helps a lot.

3. Cook or bake something simple

Bake your favorite cookies, or make a simple meal like rice and sausage. Take some time to cook something delicious for yourself. If you’re not into cooking order take out or head out to the store to pick up your favorite desert.

4. paint, doodle, crochet

Try a small craft to get your mind off things. When I need a break from all the screens in my life, I turn to watercolor painting and occasionally film photography. Both activities give my eyes a welcome break, while giving my hands something to do that doesn’t involve typing.

5. lovingly tend to your plants and/or pets

Wipe down your plants, remove their dead leaves, water them, or just rotate the position of their pots. Hang out with your pet, take a nap together, teach them a new trick, play a game, or just cuddle.

6. unplug from technology (even if it’s only for 10 minutes)

Turn off your phone, shutdown your laptop, put your ipad/kindle on sleep mode.

7. get dressed up

Sometimes getting dressed up can help me feel a little more human and “normal” on bad days. The outfit doesn’t have to be anything fancy either. Sometimes I’ll put on the most decorative earrings I own, and spend the day hanging around the house in pajamas.

8. stay in comfy clothes all day

There’s something so cozy about snuggling up in a soft maxi dress, thick socks, and a giant sweater.

9. put on the biggest sweater your own

For days when you just need a really big hug, but you have no where to get a hug from. Put on the biggest most comfortable sweater you own. I did this so many times during my college days, and it always helped.

10. write it out

Write out how your feeling in the moment, or just write about the things that have been weighing on you lately. The act of writing things down can help clear space in your mind and give you some peace.

11. read a chapter in your favorite book

My personal favorite is rereading my childhood favorite books like The Secret Garden, or any of the Wizard of Oz Series. I love being able to be transported to different worlds and experiences through books.

12. watch your favorite movie or an episode of your favorite show

Again I prefer to watch my childhood favorites such as Ever After (my all time favorite version of Cinderella).

13. put fresh sheets on your bed

I don’t know about you, but the best sleep I have during the week is the nights fresh sheets were put on the bed.


14. buy yourself flowers

A couple years ago I started buying myself flowers at least once a month. It’s a simple thing, but seeing the flowers have never failed a putting a smile on my face and improving my overall mood.

15. listen to something inspiring

This can be anything from gospel music, your favorite You-tubers, podcasts, the radio, or just having a conversation with a person you love.

16. check out a book from the library

Similar to reading a chapter in your favorite book, checking out a book from the library can give you a different perspective on the trials and triumphs of real or fictional characters. Through books we can learn different ways of tackling challenges, or find new sources of strength and inspiration

17. go outside and feel the sun on your face and the breeze against your skin

Go for a walk to the mail box, or if your up to it walk around your neighborhood. Whatever you have the energy to do a change in scenery will do you some good.

18. flip through your favorite magazine

While flipping through the pages, cut out some of your favorites and use them to create a vision board, or use them as inspiration for how you want to feel later.

19. play a relaxing video game

Another form of entertainment and escapism is video games. I currently live Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Katana Zero, Tales of Vesperia, and Gris. I love getting to know the characters, their stories, fears, goals, loves and the beautiful worlds they live in.

20. do nothing

Blueberry Sweet Potato Breakfast Salad

Lately I’ve been craving a breakfast that isn’t too sweet or heavy on the stomach. After doing some research I stumbled up this Savory breakfast salad by the Minimalist Baker, and decided to give it a chance.

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