I possess few physical memories from late childhood to present day. I wish I had a photo of the first and only school dance I went to in middle school. It would be funny to see myself in a sleeveless rainbow inspired turtleneck sweater. My mom has a bunch of photos of me at track meets, cross country events, and basketball games, but I have few photos of me hanging out with friends. Who were my friends in middle and high school? I possess few recorded memories that prove I had a life beyond sports, books, and academics. What did I do with my life during those years?

During my college years I have more photos relating to academics and track meets, but once again few photos with friends. I mean I have photos from kick backs and small birthday parties, but that’s about it. There are pictures of football games I went to when I was a yearbook photographer. I have a few hair photos, but I wish there was more. What did I do with my life during those years?

Present day photos consist of a failed cross country road trip in an attempt to find a job. Other photos are of my first and second apartment. Once again I have no photos of friends, or hobbies. All my memories exist in my head, and it would be nice to be able to hold something tangible every once in awhile.


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