Reconnecting with my creative voice


… Ummm its time to get serious

One of my goals since college graduation has been to reconnect with my creativity. I work in a creative field and even have a somewhat creative job as a newspaper page designer, but there is very little room for experimentation within the position. 4 states, 5 moves, 5 jobs and 2 years later I still haven’t reconnected with my creativity. Don’t get me wrong I did try… I tried repeatedly, I just wasn’t able to find a reason to stick with whatever project I was working on for longer than a few weeks. If the problem wasn’t lack of motivation it was guilt over wanting to do something fun while being unemployed or exhaustion. Since my life is more stable and reconnecting with this aspect of myself is a recurring theme in my journal, I’m ready to try again.

My tools of expression will be

  • This blog: Serves as an accountability partner and continuous uncomfortable exercise of putting myself and work out into the world.
  • Instagram: After months of brainstorming I finally have a mostly clear of how I want to use the platform
  • Starting a sketchbook practice: Most days are spent staring at a computer screen and making things I can’t physically touch, and drawing will make creating more tangible again
  • Photography: An old hobby that I’d like to start up again
  • Fitness/gym: Regular exercise is a big part of my process and all aspects of my life suffer when I go without it for too long.
  • Fabric: Goes back to making things more tangible. Be it making fabric art or using material to make clothes, or design prints for pillow cases playing around with fabric is a lot of fun

What are your tools of expression? Are you taking on any new challenges?

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