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January reflections

2017 had a slow start for me. I didn’t select a word of the year or make an new years resolutions. I spent New Years Eve and New Years Day at work. Getting holiday overtime pay was great, but I lacked vision for how I wanted 2017 to unfold.

Throughout the month I started remembering promises I made to myself over the past few years. Goals such as…

  1. start a business
  2. consistently blog and take blogging seriously
  3. take photos consistently
  4. start creating art again
  5. revamp online portfolio with new work
  6. try out vlogging & get into social media
  7. learn how to swim
  8. stop playing so small in my life

Needless to say I’ve failed to make any of these things happen.

While hiking on my 25th birthday I remembered how much I wanted to go backpacking around the world. A few days later I discovered the photographer/vlogger Andrew T Kearns. He reminded me how much I wanted to live out an RV and drive around the US taking photos.¬†Ever since then I’ve been slowly working to make past goals a reality. So I’d say my overall theme for 2017 is to keep the promises I make to myself.

So I’d say my overall theme for 2017 is to keep the promises I make to myself.

February Goals

If you don’t mind I’d like to share some of my goals for this month with you.

blog 1x a week

Coming black to an inconsistent blog, after a 6 month disappearing act was very hard. I want to ease into blogging by posting at least once a week.

plan a photo shoot or go on a photo walk 1x a week

A long time ago I wanted to be a photographer, simply because I loved the craft. At least I thought I loved it. A professor told me I wasn’t good enough to be a photographer and for some reason I listened to them and slowly stopped taking pictures. My overall goal is to get my skills back up and enjoy the hobby again.

practice vlogging

I spend a ton of time alone and in some weird way I believe vlogging will help me feel more connected to others in my day to day life. Plus I’ve been really into art vlogs over the last year.

What are your goals for February?


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