Fresh start

a fresh start3

The original plan for What’s up Maddy was for it to be an art blog, featuring various art projects and inspirations. Instead it turned into an overly personal sad blog with with very little art. When I decided to do a total revamp of the blog I chose to delete all but one post, and rethink all 9 categories this blog originally had.

What’s up Maddy will now be a lifestyle art blog where you can read about wellness, sketchbooks, art, and life.

Wellness: Overall well being is very important to me, and I would like to speak about it more on this space. Wellness topics will include mental, emotional, and physical health and coping with struggles or celebrating wins.

Sketchbook: A peek into my creative process, sketchbook, work in progress projects, and completed projects

Art: Still fleshing out this category

Life: This is where I will share snippets of what’s going in my life.

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