February reflections and goals March 2017

February Reflections and March goals

February Reflections

I’ve learned this month that my self discipline needs some serious work. This month wasn’t the best goal wise, and I believe its because the goals were too vague, and didn’t include any weekly deadlines or, specific actions steps to take.

February goals

blog 1x a week

As I was writing this I realized I wrote 2 posts for the entire month, I’m disappointed, but next month will be better.

plan a photoshoot or go on a photo walk 1x a week

I did succeed in going on a photowalk each week, but that didn’t always lead to taking pictures. On some of my walks I felt like I should keep the moment to myself. My Canon Rebel Xs may be broken, I haven’t figured out if the diopter setting is wrong, poor technique, or the camera is actually broken.

Practice vlogging

I did vlog a few times this month, I should have been more clear on the number of times I wanted to practice vlogging for February.

March Goals

Post to blog everyday (31 posts)

This will be challenging, considering how difficult it felt to post 1x a week. This time excuses are not an option, and I don’t think writing was the problem. I believe the difficulty centered around actually hitting publish and putting the work out into the world. This month I will tackle the issue by posting everyday for March.

Actionable steps

  • Work on blog for an hour when I wake up
  • Beginning March 2, all upcoming posts must be edited and scheduled by 2 pm the day before they are due and live by midnight Central time.
  • Write down each blog post on desk calendar, to keep track of progress, and to keep myself accountable.

Post to app 1 second every day at least 5x a week

If you ever hear me talk in real life, I sound like I’m whispering. I’m extremely soft spoken, so the desire to vlog doesn’t make a ton of sense to me, but I still want to give this a shot. Posting to 1 second every day app will, help me get used to videography, and will make self accountability and tracking my progress easier.

Actionable steps

  • make a note on daily planner, when ever a video is loaded to app
  • At the end of the week compile all content for the week together and post video to instagram

Calculate what it would cost to work for myself

Having a rough idea of what it would cost to leave the 9 to 5 environment, could make this goal less daunting.

Actionable steps

  • Research self employment health insurance plans for Texas
  • Calculate bare minimum monthly income goal to cover housing, bills, savings, and quarterly taxes.
  • Create an hourly rate/project rate based on minimum monthly income total

Did you accomplish all your goals for February, and what are your plans for March?


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