My creative journey so far part two

My creative journey part two

Last week I talked about how I expressed my creativity as a kid, and I’ll being continuing the last part of this series with the college years and my present day practices.

The college years

Freshman year of college, I abandoned sports, and art in favor of being a psychology major. for several different reasons I ended up depressed, and in an attempt to ease my pain I took belly dance lessons. I Hated my major and school, so the following school year I changed schools, majors, and returned to my roots. I joined the cross country and track team, and declared myself a graphic arts major. Over the next few years I found my footing and got really into fabric art and photography.

Post college

The first year of post college life is no joke! I spent about 8 months jobless, art and exercise had no part in my life, and I ended up becoming extremely miserable. Eventually I found work, then later quit and went on a crazy cross country road trip trying to find a better job. When the road trip didn’t work out I returned to my hometown in southern Arizona, and started to learn how to code, and tried to get my own business off the ground but I ended up putting it aside and focusing harder on getting a job. (It felt wrong to pursue my dream of working for myself while living at my parents house)

Present day

Outside of work I spend my time weight lifting and I’ve been easing back into making things more regularly by setting up an art space in my apartment, and taking various mini workshops. However the desire to make things felt strongest when I started running again. Once that happened, it’s like something got unblocked, and I started to feel more centered, open, and less spastic. I’ve also been working on revamping this site and my portfolio.

What has your creative journey been like so far?

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