My creative journey so far part one

I would describe my creative journey as obsessive. Don’t know why but I’ll get really into something for about a year and then I’ll discover something else and get really into that. So basically nothing ever sticks long term, but the weird thing is I always circle back to past interests.

My creative journey

I don’t feel comfortable calling myself an artist, but I do consider myself to be a creative person. I still feel like a beginner and would describe the current stage of my journey as wtf do I do with all these random interests? I’ve spent a few years in this stage because I’ve been trying to figure out how to piece textile design, fabric art, photography, design, clothing design, videography, and painting together. I find myself thinking what can I do with these interests and do I really  have any talent with them? So instead of sitting down and putting in work, I shy away, and pretend the desire to make things doesn’t hang around.

Annnnyways lets get back on track.

The kid years

As a kid in the summertime I would go to the youth center while my parents worked. While there I began learning how to crochet, and wanted to join the crocheting club but it was too full, so I decided to join the photography club. In photo club each member had their name written on a disposable camera that was supposed to last us the ENTIRE summer. Now that I think about it we didn’t even get to go outside, we just wandered around inside the building being annoying and taking pictures of the other kids in their clubs. It’s so silly now but I had so much fun. If I wasn’t at the youth center, playing outside, or collecting ribbons and medals from running competitions; I drew pictures of the family dog, fan art, or created crochet purse patterns.

The preteen years

Around this time my best friend and I discovered neopets online and deviantart. We even had the handheld games. I had dreams of making a super cool pet page, and winning the pet page and beauty contests. So in order to prepare for these glorious days (that never happened) I got obsessively into coding, and made special pages and back stories for my favorite pets. My best friend at the time was really into gaming and sonic, so we spent a lot of time playing video games and drawing sonic inspired fan art. I filled several sketchbooks during this phase with people standing with their hands behind their backs (I couldn’t and still can’t draw good hands), and I would tear out my favorite pieces, and put them in my art binder, complete with plastic protective sheets.

The teen years

I wasn’t obsessively into anything but track and basketball at this time. I still dabbled in art and took at least one art class every year, but the magic wasn’t there. I wasn’t one of those super talented kids who did amazing work with copic markers, the teachers weren’t very encouraging, and weren’t shy about having favorites, so I never felt comfortable in art class. My weird belief that you couldn’t be an athlete and be good at art, didn’t help with my less than magical feelings.

What was your relationship with art like as a kid?

Part II coming soon.

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