How a college english class introduced me to blogging

Before college, I never heard of blogging. If I remember correctly I used the internet for research, playing neopets, and watching natural hair or makeup tutorials on YouTube. Freshmen year of college was by far the worst of my college years. I dealt with really weird cattiness, battled depression, and was basically friendless. It wasn’t all bad though. That year gave me a gift that I indulge in on a daily basis.

Freshman year english class

During freshman year, my english professor included blogging as part of her curriculum. Every student in the class, had to create a WordPress blog where we would post some assignments. After each post we would comment on our classmates blogs, and then we would further discuss the assignments in class. Since I went to an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) a lot of our assignments revolved around the black experience. Overall the class was pretty intense, and forced me to grow in a lot of ways.

A peek into other peoples worlds

I didn’t always enjoy the class portion of blogging, but I did love the world I found outside of academic blogging. Style blogs like Someone Like You, and Introverts Introduction inspired me. I read a daily blog written by a New York woman who chronicled her dating life and journey through fiercely loving herself. Fiery words written by Tyece of Twenties Unscripted got me through tough times, and words by GG Renee gave me clarity. Over time I found photography, cooking, art, personal, and lifestyle blogs. I loved getting a peek into the lives of other people.

Trying my hand at blogging

Through out college I started at least 4 blogs, that never lasted longer than a few weeks. Each blog idea I pursued revolved around my interests at the time.When I was extremely into photography, I had a photography blog, at another point I flirted with having a fashion blog. One time I wanted to start a sewing and fine art blog. The ideas may have never stuck, but the desire to blog always remained. 7 years after being introduced to this world, I’m finally beginning to understand and write about what matters to me.

What the blogging community means to me now

Even though the blogging landscape has changed a lot over the years; I still love getting a peek into the lives of other people. Reading blogs has become a great place to learn, and expand my world view. If it weren’t for blogs, I would’ve never read the stories of people who conquered their student loans. I wouldn’t know about digital nomads, financial health, or how others have gone toe to toe with depression. Through blogs I’ve been introduced to quirky powerhouses, and ladies carving their own paths. There are even more blogs I wished existed when I needed them most.

How were you introduced to blogs? 

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